Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As a mother I've come to learn to trust my gut when it comes to my children. (For ex. C and vaccines- something told me to go slow, not to do too many at a time- that proved to be true. When at 9 months he reacted to the 2 vaccines he'd received, in a way none of my other children had. Luckily I'd followed my gut and now have more confidence in myself and my gut.)

Since birth I felt, No! Knew O was a bit different than my others. When he first learned to pull up to standing, around 9 months, if he fell and bumped his head (something all my kids did to some degree) he'd start screaming, crying and seemed to hold his breath, to the point he'd pass out and as things went on, he'd have what I can only describe as a mini-seizure. The first time it happened I was nearly scared to death- didn't know what to do at all, and the only thing that came to mind was to slip my finger down his little throat and get him to gag a bit (not to the point of vomiting- just to get the reflex going). I'd already tried blowing on his face and that had no effect- I was at whits end. These "episodes" lasted till almost 3, and went away shortly after getting much needed glasses.

The only way to describe O I could come up with was "high needs". He was always on the go- moving, crying, screeching! Happy but not. I didn't know how to deal with a child like this, none of the 4 before him had been "difficult". I thought with time, age, and maturity he'd "grow" out of it. As he aged it became clearer how different he was from others his age. He wasn't growing out of it. I knew it was time to seek help, he would soon be in school and I really didn't want him to struggle as my oldest son did (Dxed w/ADHD and ODD), and getting help sooner was best.

I talked with his Pediatrician and she agreed and gave us a referral to a Developmental Pediatrician. His Dx was ADHD and seemed to lean towards ODD too. But to me these were not O! Having one son with the same disorders and them being polar opposites, it's too hard to just take it and go. My gut was (is) telling me this isn't right- this is not O.

Recently a friend of mine posted about SPD and a comparison to ADHD. Just the initial post made me want to look more into this. People are misdiagnosed all the time, and SPDs are just really coming into light here- so maybe the Doctor was wrong! (This for me is NOT to much of a stretch- I don't trust unconditionally.) The same strong mama that posted about SPD originally, recommended the book Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder by Lucy Jane Miller , which I hope to get soon. All this has led me to find as much info as I can.

I found this site.... and on it a checklist. Yesterday I went through it and got some interesting results, not surprising in the least but interesting, something to take to the doctors.

What I found (and yes I realize I am not a trained professional but I am an intelligent woman who reads quite well and understands what I am reading. Also I know my child better than Anyone else out there!):

(I'm only putting down the results that scored high/many.)

He got 9/12 on Hyposensitivity to Touch. (Signs of Tactile Dysfunction)

10/11 on Hyposensitivity to Movement. (Signs of Vestibular Dysfunction)

16/17 on Sensory Seeking Behaviors. (Signs of Proprioceptive Dysfunction)

7/9 on Hyposensitivity to Sounds. (Signs of Auditory Dysfunction)

6/8 on Hyposensitivity to Oral Input. (Signs of Oral Input Dysfunction)

And on the Social, Emotional, Play, and Self-Regulation Dysfunction Part-

He scored 7/8 on Emotional.

7/12 on Internal Regulation. (This is by far the lowest score but there are 3 I have no clue how to answer because I've never known to look.)

So what to do with this information and/or what's next!? Well I'll bring it to the doctors and see if I can't get them on board, I'll find ways to help him myself (with or without a Dx) and I keep reading (you can never have too much information!). I don't know how this will play out with the Docs- I'm feeling more and more like they're on the defensive with more and more parents questioning them and being informed, making choices and questioning their abilities. I may need to find a new doctor.....

But I need to help my son.


  1. Can you ask your pediatrician for a referral to Occupational Therapy? A good OT can diagnose SPD; in addition, a good OT can work with ADHD behaviors to help reduce the hyperactivity (without meds). So either way, it really is a win-win. Look for the blog "Hatley's Life with 3 boys" she is a wealth of information. I'll ask my friend about the book when I see her at OT on Wednesday (our boys therapies over-lap).

    You are a great mama, and O will get the help he needs. If not, there are ways to help him at home. Weighted work tends to fulfill some of the sensory seeking needs. Weight down a laundry basket with books or cans of food and let him drag it through the house. We use bean bags and let Liam crash to his heart's content when he just cannot stop himself from moving. I miss our trampoline Early Intervention loaned us in Alabama. Keep your eye on Craigslist for a cheap one.

  2. Michelle- I don't know about asking, but it won't hurt to try. The draw back- I'm looking for a new ped for the kids, mostly because its so difficult to get into our clinic/our reg. ped.

    We were very lucky to find the school that O's in. I'm not sure of the exact term they use for it but they have a Sensory room (and time at the begining of the day) where they go and help the kids get ready for the day w/yoga balls, weighted blankets, swings, and a trampoline. The school is for both "normal" kids and those with special needs- which is a benefit for all. I'm thinking he's in the best place possible for him!


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