Monday, April 11, 2011

B-day Party! (Large family style)

We celebrated C's birthday yesterday! His love of "Roar"s (Lions) inspired the Zoo theme.

We planned his party in the early afternoon with the hopes of getting him a nap before hand- it worked!

While he was napping we got the house ready- Balloons, streamers (which we discovered later lil' J is terrified of! Who'd of thunk it?!), his Trike out, presents wrapped and banner made by I and O. He woke up with a smile and excitement!

The first things he noticed were of course the trike and balloons- the giant Roar head was a little hard to miss.

So far both this year and last we've invited friends to the party but none have ever made it- not sure why, maybe we scare them off! LOL After our single guest (my mom) Gummy arrived we started in with every child's favorite- PRESENTS!

Of course in a large family he had a lot of "help" opening them!

And trying them out! (It actually got to a very stressful point where big brother O wasn't allowing C is see or touch any of his own presents and it kind of unraveled from there!- Ahh and we have many many more years of parties to get through!)

C's favorite game: Take balloon, let go of balloon, and watch it fly to the ceiling!

Everyone was excited for cake! C had a very hard time not just digging in a tasting the whole thing by himself.

He loved all the attention of the family singing Happy Birthday to him! (But shushes Ba- that's his name for me!- when I try to sing to him~ LOL!) We had been practicing blowing bubbles with him for a few days before to be ready for the candles, and he'd started to get it...but when the big moment came he got stage freight!

Yum Yum Cake! He had to suck all the frosting off each piece off the cake- whether it was a candle, a pretzel or an animal! He also stole many of the candies off to eat!

Big sister P brought him to the nearby playground to try out his new bike! By the end of the day (which came earlier) he was worn out!

In our large family a small family birthday party turns very easily into a big event! And the birthday person is definitely the center of everyones attention! The love that's felt is better than presents- all involved want the Star of the day to feel special on his or her day and everyone works every hard to be involved!

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