Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In My Heart- My sisters

Just over two years ago my C was born. He brought to our family blue eyes, a bubbly personality and things yet discovered. But his pregnancy brought to me personally 20 new friends- sisters. And these women are huge in my life- I don't know where I'd be without them. Much loneilier, less informed, and missing out that's for sure.

Like many families we have simularities and differences- some of which cause hard feelings and defensive emotions. Some of us are hardcore, some are softer. We make different decsions and have different views but what I get from each is priceless.

I know I can go to some with questions on hard issues- breastfeeding advice, homebirth questions, vaccine and circumcision links. I can go to some to help me laugh. My only wish is that I could go to them and give them physical hugs and support when needed and I could get those in return but what I have I'd miss for sure if it were ever gone.


  1. Oh this post makes me want to fly to you and give you a big hug! I would have never survived the first year without you. :-)


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