Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls Day Out #2

Easter Sunday I got the chance to spend time again with my daughters- again it was only two but the oldest and the middle traded. It's wonderful to be able to spend this female time with them. I growing closer to them each and learning little cues that normally in our busy everyday life I may miss.

This week we simply went for a walk in our neighborhood. There's this awesome bike/walking path the city built in the "trench" of an old railroad tracks. It stretches from one end of the city to the other (no we didn't walk the whole way- we'd never make it! lol) with community gardens along the sides. At the end of our walk we were at 2 of the lakes are known here as the chain of lakes (6, I think, lakes that stretch the south side of the city, connected by channels/canals) and explored a different corner of one, that we'd never took much of an interest in before. We found off-leash dog runs (I was in heaven as dogs of any sort call to her) and many Willow trees (these are especially important to me- a tie, if you may, to my Grandfather).

This was a long walk and we won't probably do it often- I got a little too tired at the end. But on this day we had a good time and for the first time since the previous Sunday we had beautiful weather (SUN!)- the Gods were smiling on us. We must be doing something right!

(Mural on the underpass of bridge)

(Garden long path)

(Underside of bridge)

(Girls under Bridge)

(A view of a channel into Lake of the Isles)

(Girls galzing into channel- beyond them Lake Calhoun)


(I stalking the dogs at the dog runn- all she could talk about today were dogs, Collie Mixes are her favorite.)

(I under a Willow on the edge of Lake of the Isles- she could've sat there all day.)

(My sacred tree.)

(Don't know what he's riding- looked like a surf board w/a paddle.)

(Goofy R- the Moose Girl.)

(Snoopy's Lucy)

(I know this is random- but the city is doing work on the bridges and if you notice the sign to the right you see it says "Walk Bikes"- it's very narrow over this bridge, like 2 people walking next to each other would have a hard time fitting, so if people ride it creates a dangerous situation. As you probably guess NO one walked their bikes and as walkers we almost felt the need to run to stay safe. And of course nobody tried to cross while I was taking the photo! LOL)

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