Monday, April 25, 2011

To My Followers- Old, New, and Just Getting a Taste!

My goodness (did I really just say that! LOL) since participating in the blog party I gained a few followers and gotten more comments than normal! This is all starting to make me feel a bit nervous! LOL I have a very hard time believing what I write is informative or even interesting. So much of it is just me rambling, or venting depending on the day, my mood or any number of little things. And now it feels a bit like I'm being watched ;D. It's exciting and nerve racking (is this even the correct spelling?!- if you read enough of my post you may notice I am a horrid speller, forget to use spell check sometimes, and grammar well this is the most I've written since high school.

Welcome everyone! And thank you for following along! From time to time I feel like I'm getting stale and ask for blog ideas please help in these times of need and post a comment on something you'd like to see or know more about (us). I'm enjoying all the new blogs I'm finding from the blog party and hope to see more!

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  1. I too am a horrid speller and grammar is super rusty lol. This is also the most writing I have done since school.
    I think we need the connection with others that blogging brings to our modern lives. I see it being to us as town socials and quilting bees were to our grandparents and great grandparents. I cant help but feel like if we still had things like that then I wouldn't even be writing a blog. If you start feeling nervous remember that you are just a mom connecting and sharing with, for the most part, other mom's and we all benefit from the larger picture all our posts combine paints.
    It has been fun getting to know you and look forward to reading more. : )


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