Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday It's Earth Day!

I grew up in the Catholic Church. And Holy Week was my favorite time. Palm Sunday being tops (I don't know why...I really liked receiving the palm to bring home). Christmas and Easter were beautiful too- the Church all "dressed up" and joyous.

This year not only is it Good Friday but it's also Earth Day. A day that is not a recognized Pagan holiday but one that calls to my Pagan heart- one where we care for our Mother, our Provider, our Earth, one that lots people celebrate Her, no matter their Spiritual Path. For one day we see the importance of taking care of our Planet and try to make it a little greener, a little healthier. It doesn't seem to matter what your lifestyle choice is...for this one day people are open to learning more about her and what they can do to keep her safe. She is like the oldest member of your family and it's her birthday so we all celebrate her, even just for a moment.

I'd had liked to do something to honor this day- specifically I had in mind getting out into our neighborhood and picking up trash (since here with our loooooooong winters Spring is a very dirty time of year, all the snow gone really shows how horrible the Earth is treated- like coal in a stocking the melting snow hides the thoughtlessness others have to the world around them.) but I don't know if it will be possible- the weather looks like rain. And its forecasted for the afternoon. I'll decide a bit later if I can bring the baby out with the olders and at least take care of our block.  If not I'll Google ideas!

So what are your plans for Earth Day? This week is Holy Week for Christians and Passover for the Jewish faith- but for us all its Earth Day and together we should celebrate our Mother.

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