Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Big Is Your Community?

I live in a large city, in a neighborhood that is somewhat close knit but at the same time totally segragated. By that I mean if you've lived here a long time and are of a certian "type" of person (middle class w/simular ideals) you're in easily, but those that are new and/or not economically equal are a bit left out. But this isn't something new- clicks that is, they're everywhere. Don't get me wrong I love my neighborhood- people are nice and have simular view points to life but I not part of yet. This is my home's community.

I was going to a drop in parents center regularily before DH went back to work- but w/one car I haven't been able. I loved this place and the parents (most moms) that frequent. It feels like community. These ladies helped my find my way physically to my homebirth, taught me how to use my ring sling better, and are just all around supportive. I can't wait to get back to going regularily again but still its a wait till at least June and maybe even August.

I have a small community of friends from my past, some of whom I met in school, some in a meeting. Most are here locally but our interactions are all via FB- sadly I don't get to see them in person much. But we do interact in the now thanks to the internet.

My biggest community is another online community but these women are my best friends. I can admit to them my faults and they send virtual hugs and prayers. They have the best advice for everything. My life would be so small w/o them.

Do I like having my community mainly online? NO I really wish I lived close to them, I really wish I could see more of those that do live close. I feel life wouldn't be quite so lonely and monotonous. But I take what I get and love those that are in my life.

 Life and communties have changed so much over time- smaller yet bigger. Where in the past keeping up w/long distance friends was hard and making new ones even harder, now we can meet people from all over the globe w/o leaving our homes. In the past your best friends live next door or a few blocks over and your neighborhood and family (extended) were improtant parts of community. Now families and friends move away and personal communities have shrunk.

My home community may be small but my world community is large.

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