Thursday, April 7, 2011

She's Going to College!

My eldest is a senior in high school. She struggled her freshman and sophomore years in a mainstream public high school- failing many classes and being bullied for being small, a girl and the color of her skin. Together we made the decision to try a different solution- online high school. We looked at the different options out there and found the best fit. She was able to make up her missing credits in one year and take PSEO (post secondary education options- free college classes in high school, earning high school and college credits) classes her senior year (this year). She's come a long way, in a short period of time, showing everyone her determination and drive.

Next step applying to college. She applied to a few but had her heart set on one- St. Catherine's here in our city. Many other places wanted her and called a lot. Boy the mail she received was endless. And then IT came! The letter she was waiting for....and she was crushed.

It simply stated that at this time they could not offer her a spot in the bachelors program. BUT....

They wanted her for their associate in arts program (2 year)! And transferring to the BA program would be available later! (She didn't read this clearly hence the heartbreak.) She's a Catie! She was "working too hard on her education and they want her to learn how to take it easy before she starts the BA program"- her drive got her in the door but not the one she wanted! Take life on life's terms, right?

But next fall she'll be heading off to college (just a mere 3 miles away- she wants the experience of living in student housing...) and WE are so proud of her! We all get to call her a Catie and watch her achieve her dream. Can't wait to see what's next! (OH! She wants to be a Special Education Teacher!)

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