Thursday, May 5, 2011

C's Words

I wanted to sit down and write out all the words C says, more for my own record (I'll probably be asked to soon enough) but thought someone else may be interested in this too.

Spontaneously said:
  • Diego (his word when he wants to watch a movie, any movie)
  • Da
  • Ba (his word for me- he used to call be Mama but this changed a few months back- he'd stopped calling me ma altogether and it took a bit for us to realize he switched to Ba)
  • Ella (for my youngest daughter)
  • Iley (for my oldest)
  • Dog
  • Kitty
  • hat
  • elmo (this word used to be said all the time but he actually doesn't say it anymore)
  • occasionally eat
  • cracker
  • out
  • bye
  • hi
  • oh man (he says it as one word- not as a sentence)
  • car (a few times)
  • ball (but not to ask for just as a label)
  • door (again a label- while looking at pictures in a book, and again not for a while)
  • EE (lovely- for his blanket)
  • No (nice a clear- but what toddler doesn't! LOL)
  • Ouch
  • ish (fish)
  • nose
  • eye
  • feet (not foot)
He imitates alot of what we say, like if you say I love you he'll respond Love you. But not often- he's got a mind of his own! We'll say can you say ....(insert any word here) and he'll look at you and in all seriousness go "No". The other day we were out and I said "Look at the bird in the tree" and he said "bird tree" two words he's never used before, he also hasn't said it since.

He knows a lot of animal sounds but again I don't know if these are considered actual words or just sounds.
  • roar (for lion- this is his word for lion also)
  • arf (for dog)
  • eow (cat)
  • makes an elephant sound (not going to try and spell it out! LOL)
  • neigh (horse) 
  • vroom (for car while playing with his)
He'll point to a letter (to get you to identify it) and say "a" or "e". On occasion while looking at and counting numbers he'll say 1, and 2 but no others. He wants to know the name of colors or shapes but doesn't even try to imitate you.

In the last week he's started to say Thank you to Da when handed something. He doesn't use any possessives (me, I, my, or even mine). When he wants something out of reach he grunts and points leaving us to play the guess game and wait for him to say "Nooo" or shake his head "yes" (no attempt to even say the word- we'll ask but he just says no then, also I don't know if it's developmentally age appropriate but he has a hard time shaking his head up and down for yes- he has to deliberately do it and think about it- you can see his little brain thinking about it and the slow trying to get it out). But still there's lots of grunting going on around here!

I've just been going off the assumption he'd start eventually and I still feel this way but if there are ways to help encourage him to do it (speak) then all the better! I'll add to this list the more I remember, probably through out the next few days.

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