Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Stroll

DH, T, C, J and myself spent some time today at the Falls. It has changed so much in time, since I was a child, since the olders were small and even more in the last year. What they (the city, the park board?) are doing to her is saddening....but she is still beautiful.

You can see her here from last year in another blog post.

 (The Falls!)

 (The kids love to wade/swim here usually but now too fast!)


 (Cutting down of perfectly healthy trees)

 (Begining of a tantrum)

 (A Mighty Tantrum!)

(This is the same tree the kids are on in my other blog- the river is swollen!)

 (The Mississippi)

 (Baby wearing Da!)

 (What little J did!)

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