Friday, May 27, 2011

Large Family Books

Edit: Sorry if you tried to read this earlier and found it off. It was! I was trying to play with picture placement and they seemed to have covered some words. But its alright now!

We love to read here. But most we read depict families of a more average size- 2 or 3, maybe 4 children. My kids don't seem to notice we don't read or own too many books with large families in them (say 5 or more children). But they do seem to enjoy more the ones that show "us" (as O tonight said "Oh they're like us!"). And I want to expose them to books that show our "way of life" as a norm. So I went searching...

We already have two- which I personally love because of the pictures and the individual time given to EACH of the characters. My children like to say "Oh this one is R. And there's P!" and so on till they are each a character in the story. And why not?! I mean I, myself, put myself into the role of a character while reading a really good book- that's what makes it sooooo hard to put down.

Our 2: The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman. And Sleepy Bears by Mem Fox (yes this one isn't about a human family but it is about a Mama Bear and her six cubs co-sleeping!) Our copies are both old and worn, dog eared and well read. But they still read, aren't missing any pages and captures their audience (O, I and C nowadays) from the first page to the last, with read it again commonly asked.

So back to my search...I Googled childrens' books with large families and got little choice. Most were chapter books, and circa 1970s too. Not what will keep mine at rapt attention.

Really all I could find were three! Sad.

What  I got was: The 5 Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney. The Cuddlers by Stacy Towle Morgan. And Too Many Chickens by Mary Pride. Now the first two I'm kind of excited to find and read and the third I'm on the fence about- it seems to be about a bully on the farm trying to get Mrs. Hen not to have any more children so there's more for him (my shortened version of what I read about it! Haha.). We'll see- could be a great book to teach a moral lesson to the kids about with.

So does anyone else have a suggestion or two? Or an opinion on any of the above books? Let me know. Finding good books we can relate to is so hard! But for now we'll keep reading about dreamers and silly eaters- something we very well relate to around here!

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