Friday, May 20, 2011

On My Mind: O

First I'd like to thank Rhonda over at Down To Earth for starting On My Mind. And encourage you to jump over there and check out her blog. It's so fun! I love being one of her followers.

O is on my mind today. I've been doing lots of reading, researching and experimenting with O lately. We don't have an official Dx of SPD (sensory processing disorder) but the more and more I read and try out activities (intended to help children with SPD) the more I am confident of my unofficial Dx. Today I need to contact the clinic and see where we are in his paperwork and getting him in to be seen, and Dx with the child psychologist. The changes I've seen just in the few weeks working with him (in my limited unprofessional ways) are big and encouraging. I know I'm on the right track- Hope has sprung anew.

(O and his distant look he gets sometimes.)

(He'll dig in the sand for just a few minutes.)

(Doing what O does best...Movin'!)


  1. Love the photos and love that you are seeing improvement. At Liam's OT session this week, I told his OT how sensory seeking he had been, so she had him do lots of hard work and chewing chewy candy....He was calm for a whole 40 minutes after we got home! It was bliss!

  2. I just think it's amazing - the relationship between Mothers and Sons. We have 1 child - a son and I have always connected better with him than my husband. I think Mother's seek an understanding of their son's and Father's rely more on Testosterone. LOL I'm happy you are finding ways to help O.

  3. My DH (not O's father, father to C and J, the babies) is a different sort of man- very instictual (hates to hear his littles cry- more than I do even. and just every hands on with all of the kids)and asks how I know to do the things I do w/them. When I tell him I'm just using something I read he wants to know it too, and even read what I've read. His involvement is also something I feel is helping to get O going forward. O's father has them everyother weekend and really shows no interest in what works to help him, just wants to control him- and we see how that plan works every time O comes home. We struggle, usually a week w/regression and meltdowns. I'm a very lucky to have my husband.

  4. Hi, it's great you have found something that seems to work very positive for your son. That is very important. I know ; ) I'm a mom of two grown children with Asperger's Syndrome and my husband and I both have Aspergers too.


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