Monday, May 16, 2011


Last Friday my oldest R had prom. I was excited. She was excited. She had planned to go over to a friends house to get ready....I put a stop to that! LOL I never got to go to prom and having recently watched a few episodes on tv about prom I wanted her here- it was a first for both of us and I wanted to capture the memories, on film and in my head. I got to help her with her hair, dress and make-up and experience the rush of  "Oh no what times is it?!" I love that over the last few years we've come to such a different place, a place of a budding relationship we never had before- I love what I have now with her, I love spending time with her and being able to actually talk with her. I miss her when she's not here.

But we did it and she looked like Cinderella. (Thanks to a friend she was able to wear a beautiful dress!) A few pics I was able to capture of her. (Oh in real life the dress is purple- but on film it comes out this blue. Couldn't for the life of me get the ture color to shine thru!) And as prom was held on a river boat on the Misssissippi (again this river is an improtant center piece of our lives) she set SAIL that night.

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