Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Hate School

Some days, and some nights I hate having my kids in school. The endless papers, the fundraisers, the homework, the tears of littles one that had a bad bus ride home- those are the times I long to home school. But I know I'm not cut out for it, not here, not now.

Living in the city and being poor (yes we're poor- we made about $23k last year and remember we've got 9 people in our household) I just can't afford to home school successfully- I know it doesn't have to cost a lot, but truly I know we'd all be stuck here in the house at least 4 months of the year due to winter conditions and we'd ALL go stir crazy fast. So off to school they go.

But Someday we will have some land or a farm and this idea will be tested again. I've already decided we'd do one year of unschooling to get out of the routine and rules and back to mom the teacher. But beyond that lays the promise of our school.

Someday......  :D


  1. Our financial circumstances sound about the same. ((hug))
    The way we have been able to homeschool is that I plan early each year and buy the next years school supplies and such with our income tax refund. Would this be a possibility for your family?
    I am not someone that believe everyone should want to homeschool but for those that do I hate hearing when they can not. Hope it works out better soon be that through the public system or something at home. ((hug))

  2. I do have to say 2 of the schools we have found for out kids are pretty great- for the youngest 2 in school their school is very small (about 10 kids in each class) and meets the needs of each kid (for ex. my kindergartener goes to the sensory room each morning- to help all the kids get ready for the day. This room includes a trampoline, yoga balls, a swing and a OT that works w/them all, reagardless of a Dx or IEP). And for my oldest son we found a Waldorf inspired high school again w/really small class sizes (about 100 students total). It's been a struggle to find the right one for him. Some days are just harder than others, like anyday in a day of a parent.

    But I like your idea of using/planning w/our tax returns- I know next year that won't be a possibilty since we'll be using the money to move South, closer to DH's family and as you can imagine that adventure will eat up most of our taxes. But something to keep in mind for the following year, esp with the 2 littlest boys as we are leaning more and more to HS them. (We're lucky to live in the state we do now as we can choose not to vaccinate and only have to sign a conciensous(sp?) objection form- but the state we'll be moving to only have religious or medical objections and may be more difficult, esp inregards to school.)

    The begining of this year we tried online school w/my middle daughter and that did not work out w/her- I feel it had a lot to do w/her having gotten so used to others teaching her and not seeing mom as a teacher anymore and lack of motivation. My oldest has been succesful in the same school for the past 2 years.

    There's options for the future. I just need to take it on day at a time.


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