Thursday, July 28, 2011

Early Morning Deep Thoughts (or I'm Too Slow in the Morning)

My girls and I are the type of people that need at least an hour to wake up and be ready to go for the day. The males in this house are the opposite- the moment their eyes open their ON! and going. They don't stop till the sun is down or their eyes close for the night. Sometimes it takes them falling asleep on their feet to get them to turn off. We're all just different in our styles.

But I'm wondering which style is better? Are those that are constantly in motion living fuller lives? Do they get to experience more because they're cramming more into their days? Or are they missing out on the little things, that by running too quickly by they don't see- like stopping to smell the roses or watching a butterfly land on a flower? Are they using up their bodies energy and ultimately going to live shorter lives- more packed with experiences and never a dull moment but short?

Or are those of us that like to take life in a slower lane missing out on spontaneous life experiences? Are we planning too much and not living? Does living a longer life mean you'll live a life with more meaning or memories? Would we benefit from speeding up a bit? Them from slowing down some? Is there a middle ground where we can meet?

I've been awake for an hour this morning and am already surrounded by 3 of my children. I'm so not ready for them...haha. I need more coffee. More time alone. A few more minutes of darkness (they know it's too early to get up if the suns not up). I need to set deep thoughts aside and find my inner Road Runner and get moving....Beep beep.


  1. I am just the opposite, in that I like to get up early and think better in the morning. But, then some of my children are just the opposite and are like their dad, and are raring to go until the late hours of the night.
    Perhaps the two different styles complement each other?
    I had to laugh about the boys who don't stop till they fall asleep while on their feet--my special needs son is like that, and even refuses to have his shoes taken off when I lay him in the bed, and so I have been letting him sleep with them on,(I feel like such a bad mom)!

  2. When O was about 4 he got this pair of froggie galoshes and LIVED in them for a few weeks- even sleeping! TY for the memory and giggle, I really needed it today. (We're not bad moms- we're great moms for filling our boys' needs! as strange as they are!)


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