Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Direction

We don't have a lot of answers to questions yet but we have a direction. We know where we're headed in early October- to my DH's childhood home. Tennessee.

We won't know until Thursday where we'll be until then. So we're plugging away. Getting ready for  a big move. We're not bringing much- just what can fit in a 5' x 8' trailer and the wee bit of space we'll have in our mini-van. We won't have much when we get down there but we're getting a house lined up and a job for DH too. And we're doing it all on a very very limited budget.

This weekend we brought 2 van loads full of donations in and a load of storables to my mother's. Plus numerous bags of garbage and recycling. Surprisingly the house still doesn't have that empty feeling it gets when it gets close to time to move. But we haven't really started packing what we're keeping yet.

Forward momentum. And a glimmer of the future.


  1. I did not realize you were leaving your home. I went back and found the post that told the story, I must have missed that one when you posted it. This is heartbreaking for you and your family. I cannot imagine the feelings that must be going through your head. It is bad all over. A homeschooling friend with 17 kids just lost their home that they had been living at for over 25 yrs. Perhaps this move to Tennessee will turn out to be the best thing that happened. You never know, right? Take care and I will be thinking of you.

  2. ccc- thank you for you thoughts and words. We've always struggled here and had planned on moving next year- I guess we're just supposed to be doing it earlier than planned. Mostly the issue here is the cost of rent- which on average for a 3 bedroom (our min. legally we're supposed to be in a 4 bedroom) is up over $1200/month. and rising but wages are going down. We struggle with the payments and to keep in our home we put off bills till the last moment which then lowers our credit making it impossible to ever qualify for a loan for our own home- which on average is $250k. In TN the rents are half the price with wages about the same as here- and house prices on avg $125k. Financially I know we'll be better off- it's just so scary to go w/so still. And have to try and replace it all. Baby steps.

  3. I cannot imagine how scary it all is for your family. We had a friend who just moved back home from Wisconsin due to high rent/mortgage as well. It's hard to believe only a state away can make that big of a difference. Having direction is always a good start. Not having a map in front of me, will you be traveling through our neck of the woods? Of course I'd always love a moment to see my DDC friends! Though of course would like it to be better circumstances. My prayers are with you my friend.

  4. Shine- yes at about your point we head east into IL and then down (we're avoiding Missouri- DH hates it there! LOL. Maybe we could take a rest stop at your's (it'll be about lunch time around then! ;)) Scary and exciting all in the same moment. TY <3 I'll let you know closer to the date.


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