Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Step Closer/One Day Closer

We're one step closer to the end destination. We were completely out of our old house on Wednesday. And  for the next month staying with my mom, while DH works and we save for the move. We plan on leaving October 2nd for Tennessee.

For the most part everyone had their own space. The only exception being T who's sleeping on the couch but he's one of those kids that like to be in the middle of things so isn't too put out about it all. And when the rain clears he has the option of tenting it in the backyard if he'd like.

We got word from DH's father (my FIL) that we have a little house already. On 116 acres, we don't have use of all the land, the owners farm most of it. But we have use of the horse barn and a very large "yard"- enough for a small hobby farm. DH and FIL will have a bit of work to do when we get down there but Miss C (the landowner) will be paying for all the supplies. We'll get to make it into our own little home. And at a fraction of the cost of our duplex here. It's all coming together and getting exciting.

We also got a bit of news (and it seems like this move may have been more in the grand plan of the fates- not just something we're forced to do) from my FIL. 5 years ago his doctors found a small spot on his lungs (about the size of a quarter) and last we they discovered it's grown... to the size of a tennis ball. He's been a smoker all his life- he has a feeling he already knows what it is. If we weren't already on our way down there, DH would be itching to go and probably nothing would've stopped him. DH worries about his Pops... and his 7 year old brother. We'll have more news before we get down there but I know being closer to leaving helps settle DH's mind.

I'm hoping to stop by a friend's in Iowa on our first day out- it'll be nice to see her. Another has offered also but looking at our route I think it may be too far out of our way. I'm quiet sad about that. But each day we're closer to leaving. Closer to Tennessee.


  1. The house with the large yard sounds great. Isn't it nice how things come together when we need it--further proof that this is what you are "supposed" to be doing.

  2. Thankful we will get to connect again even if only brief! Constant prayer for your family!


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