Friday, October 14, 2011

Checking In- In Tenesse

It's been a bit since I last posted, and probably wont do as much right now, since I've only got my android, and not a real computer. But I wanted to let you all know we made it down here safely.

Our house won't be available for, hopefully, two weeks, so in the mean time we're staying in a weekly trailer rental. And getting kids in school.

The drive down was a long one- 18 hours. We decided to drive it straight thru, with the hopes the younger kids would sleep thru most (we started at bedtime) but of course only one did that, with the others waking a few times.

We're enjoying time with dh's family and old friends, and finding how different life is. Heres a few pictures from my phone of how things have been.

We have a new addition to our pet family. Her name is Daisy, shes a boston terrier, 11 weeks old, a gift from family. Fits in perfectly.

I'll try and post weekly, but my hand goes numb when I write too much on my phone, so they may be short. Lets hope things resume more normally in about a month!

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