Monday, November 14, 2011

House on the Hill

A few photos and words from our house on the hill.

We've been in the house now a few weeks, after a few weeks of getting into shape. Fit for human habitation. Before it was only good for the mice, which they still seem to enjoy. Lots of cleaning and plumbing done, but not finished with yet. Painting and decorating will come with time.

The 3 middle childern are in school. And we're navigating  thru getting O help, and not being labeled "a problem child". Theres a lot of cultural differences that put us in a place of shock at times, like paddling in schools is acceptable. Home schooling is being kept open in our minds. My oldest son has yet to start school, as they don't want to accept his transcripts, and put him back in 9th grade. Looks like the GED classes may be his only option. Note to others never say alternative school down south, it equals bad kids down here, not the true definition of alternative equaling different. Say charter school, or waldorf/montessori.

So these photos are all before. I'll post now soon.

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  1. It is beautiful, but yes, the cultural differences are why I dislike the South. Have you thought about adopting a cat? I have heard the smell of a cat keeps mice at bay.

    I miss our on-line chats and look forward to catching up when your life slows down.


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