Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Boy Lost

My heart is breaking. I don't know how to help him. O was recently dxed with Aspergers. I can handle that.

But I can't help him. I have no info, I have no way of finding any. The library here is pitiful, one book on Autism, from 1980. Outdated to say the least. And atm I can't afford to spend anything on a book.

There is no support, no breaks, no help.

Internet searches on a cell are futile. Too much info, on such little space.

Services are non-exsistant. No OTs. No PTs. No support groups.

My break comes while he's at school. But they are ill equipped to help and we are seeing major regression. I dare to say its causing more damage.

I'm losing him. My little boy's lost. And so am I.


  1. sorry about the frustration. On one hand it can be nice to have a definitive diagnosis, but then what to do with it? Our son is cognitively impaired and now his teachers want him to be evaluated for being on the spectrum. We have pulled him out of all classes about 1 month ago and he is thriving. My husband wanted to try the approach of letting him just be and not try to "change" him. So far since he is almost 5 yr old it is working out. He is so happy. DO not worry if you cannot get to what you want to do with him right now. There is always later. I know most people scream out "early intervention" But, my son has been in and out of early intervention since 6 mo old and I do not feel it has worked.

  2. Ccc- thank you for your exp. O doesn't qualify for EI, he's 7, in the 1st grade. Its taken this long to get a dx that fits. But now we're here where there's little services available. We've tried working with the school but they are ill equiped to handle him and the special ed. dept. is a joke.Their fix is paddling (yes we live in one of 19 states where its still legal, w/parents permission) and discipline, not actually working with the child to meet their needs. He's in a main stream classroom, as he's far more advanced than the sp ed class. He tested at a 2nd grade level for math and 3rd for language. The only plan for now is homeschooling next year.


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