Sunday, June 3, 2012

Help Me Name My Mystery Tree

In April I noticed this beautiful purple tree up on our hill. I wondered for a few weeks about it, trying to figure out what it was, if it was a huge lilac bush. Finally I couldn't resist, so 4 weeks postpartum, I hiked my butt over the empty corn field and the hill a quarter mile to see it. I made sure to bring my phone to get a few photos, and see if any of my friends knew what it was. This Minnesota raised sure didn't! And none of my friends seemed to either.

The flowers fell away, and with it my search. Until yesterday, when we came up to it while blackberry picking. It finally had leaves, and it was bearing fruit! Excited I posted new pictures but still am left with a mystery.

I'm hoping someone here may know its name. Please?

Here's a few things I know-

Its the only one on our property.

The leaves are large heart in shape, with smooth edges. But there were none when I first saw it, only blossoms.

The flowers were trumpets, grew in clusters like grapes, and a light purple.

It produces a "fruit" whether its a seed pod, nut or actualy fruit I can't tell. But the inside is sticky when opened and browns to the air quickly.

The bark is smooth. The tree stands tall at least 20 feet high. The lowest branches 10 off the ground.

Here's the photos I've taken.

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