Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh How We've Grown

Not only has our family grown in size but the children have too. Both physically and in character. It amazes me to look and think back to last October when we took the big move.

T is now 17 and becoming more responsible and closer to everyone. He works for us to earn the things he wants, he's become softer towards the littles and keeps us up to date on current news.

P is 13 and opening up to what really interests her. She's taking initiative and becoming more helpful. There's less arguments with her and us. We just might make it through the teen years for the better.

I turned 10 right before the move. She's discovered how important learning really is. She's taken on the responsibility of our chickens. And physically lost the little girl look, becoming more of a young teen.

O was discovered what he likes to read- facts. And has gone from a size 6 in pants to an 8, all for height. And slowly he's learning how to treat those younger.

C has also grown in height, a good 6 inches! And his speech has exploded! He's become such a sweet guy, loving on his baby sister every chance he gets and making friends with bugs.

J has gone from baby to toddler. And whats to do what everyone is. He says thank you, sister and daisy (to call the dogs).

A isn't a newborn anymore. Just yesterday she rolled over for the first time, tummy to back, not even 3 months old yet! And is as loud as all the others.

R is still in Mn, living an adult life, but she's making it. The distance is hard for us all.

A few photos from then and now. (sorry if they're jumbled, I can't control placement via the app.)

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