Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday a Storm

We had a storm on Monday. Not our first and definitely not our last. But the first that caused damage for us.

It came in fast. Sunny skies to down pour and 80 mph (or more) wind in just 10 mins. T, my oldest son, felt the need to hold the front door closed, even though it was locked shut. Littles under the table, with I reading stories to them. A tree down on a power line, out on the highway behind us, left the whole area without power for a good half an hour.

T, again quick acting, was able to get our chickens in their house just in time. A few short minutes later we saw the back of the coop and their house picked up by winds. The house stayed put, but the coop, my dh and mom had built while she was visiting, went flying a good 50 ft. Dh can reassemble it with a few new screws, so soon they'll be back in their home. But they survived and are fine.

We lost a few trees. A few came down into the farmer's fields, he'll loose some of his corn.There is also a spot not far up the driveway, where the corn is not just bent, but broken to the ground, in a circular pattern. Dh and I think a twister may have formed there, since the damage was so different.

For me its strange being in a storm down here. There are no basements. No storm shelters. Just our windowless dining room in the middle of the house. Not normal! Haha In one of the books we read, about different houses "we'll someday live in", there's an underground house "where we'll be safe from storms", O had me read that part twice! :D

We lost our tent up in a tree, which is where it still hangs today. We haven't done much clean up, dh started in on the chicken coop, that's about all. We have time, and surely there will be more storms to come this year. We live in an area where we could experience a tornado And an earthquake at the same time. I'm hoping that doesn't happen, one thing at a time, please.

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