Friday, June 15, 2012

Rant: I Am Not Supermom!

First things first, This will be ranty, I am not in a good place with my dh atm. So if you don't want to hear it, please stop reading, Now. (And remember I do love my dh, and usually he does great by us.)

My husband, while trying to save $, came up with the idea of making our own dog food, for our 4 dogs. Sounds like a great idea. But we go through 2 gals of homemade dog food in 2 days. So it needs to be made frequently, also like fresh human food needs to be eaten with a certain amount of time, or it'll go bad. Fine and dandy! But guess who is now making said dog food?! Yep, Me!

Like I Need another job added to my daily chores! I already wash dishes (by hand, no dw), diapers, family cloth, floors, laundry, kids, etc. I sweep, vacuum, clean every room in the house. I make meals, baked goods in the fall and winter, our own laundry soap, help with the chicken chores. Days go by when I don't leave the house.

So this added chore wears thin, fast. Especially when he starts it at 7am and then leaves for work. Leaving most of the work for me to finish. I am Not prepared to make breakfast at that point, let alone Dog Food! He fed the dogs last night (at 7pm) and knew we were out, couldve started (and finished, mind you) it then! Ugggh.

I struggle with feeling overwhelmed daily, guilt at time lost with the kids, and feeling unsupported by the family. I try to cut down on stuff I do, to be able to give more attention and time to those most important, the kids, but my work load is growing here.

I'm saying "Enough! I am Not supermom! I don't want to be!"

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