Monday, July 23, 2012

The Egg

We got 6 chicks back in  the spring. Sadly we lost one within a few weeks but the rest have grown well. We thought we'd gotten all females but it looks as if one may be male.

Some say raising chickens is easy. In my experience they have been anything but that. But much like our everyday life, everything that can go wrong does.

Building their coop proved harder it should and Alot more expensive . Then a strom came along and tore the whole thing down. Its taken us till yesterday to erect a new one. (Don't worry they had a temporary pen. But we had to duck walk to care for them.)

Our chicken wrangler has been on vacation for the month, and with Dh working mostly nights its been my added nightly chore to feed them and wrangle them into their house for the night. (Let me add here I Hate birds! Of all kinds. They're dirty and smelly and rude. But for some odd reason I thought chickens would be different, maybe because they live outside?! And someone please remind me if the future if I say i'd like a duck or goose, that they too are BIRDS! Haha)

But yesterday while Dh was rebuilding the pen, and cleaning out their hutch, he found the very first reason why we got chickens in the first place.... The egg! One of our girls did it! 2 months earlier than we expected! (and of course we were completely unprepared- no nesting box!)

We can't eat the first eggs, they're kind of like "practice" eggs for the hens, and really we'll have to wait till they're all laying to start (we need to know who is laying them first, and make sure they're not first eggs). But the girls are starting! We'll also have to remove our rooster soon, we don't need any chicks right now.

We have layers! We have eggs!

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