Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Is My Blog

I've struggled with feeling like I  need to stream line my blog, give it a direction, a theme, since the beginning. I've dabbled, i've tried. Then I go a long time not posting. And then I feel guilt, stuck, uncreative, fakey.

And then last week I figured something out, Finally! This is my blog. Its not a blog about just my kids, my family. Or rising special needs kids, or green living, cloth diapering, or politics. Its not a factoid blog (though I do base my info on facts as I've found) with lots of links. I can't commit to just one topic.

This is a blog about, and for me. I share my opinions and experiences and feelings. Raw and open. I let my heart flow. I am real.

This is a blog by me. A mom; of many, of children with special needs, a home birther, a NP/AP, a liberal left winger, a reader, a writer, a wanna be photographer/surfer/earth goddess. An opinionated b*tch. This means My blog Can Be all over the place, without direction.

This is My blog! And i'm free to be me. People can follow/read if they like, but I write what I need to write, when I need and want to. This is freeing!

With this new found freedom i'm going to let go of constraints. I may seem even more out there and will probably post more things that people disagree with, but I am not trying to offend, or hurt anyone personally. I just have some very strong views and feelings. As I tell me children, if it doesn't apply don't take it on! Now don't get me wrong, i'm not trying this blog into a rant blog, i'm just letting myself be free of fear.

This is My blog. And I am happy to meet me.

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