Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogging Schedule

All weekend I wanted to put together a blogging schedule. I write 3 different blogs and want to make sure I'm devoting enough time to each, getting out at least 2 posts each a week. Staying consistent (for you and for me). And for me having schedules helps keeps me on track, but sitting down and writing one out takes a bit of time. But this morning I did it! {happy dance}

I also want, need, to do this with my daily life, get things in visual form to help me walk through the day with kids, homelearning, and housework. I've already started becoming a bit more organized with school, making a "lesson plan" for a few weeks ahead. Nothing set in stone but something I can refer to when the morning has become hectic and I start forgetting what it is O's supposed to be doing and he's asking to start (yes he asks sometimes, he wants to get his day going too so he can get done and move onto the fun stuff!). I hope to, in the next week, get to a point where he can go look at his "daily planner/schedule", get out his work and start on his own if needed/desired. I've seen the idea on HS blogs I follow. I'm not trying to be over scheduled but he and I do require routine. Or else we both have a tendency to meltdown.

Back to my schedule. For this blog I only have one "planned" post a week. Sunday Surf. Because I'm loving some of the blogs I'm reading and want to share the best with you! Otherwise I don't feel like I want much more. This is my personal blog and has evolved over the last year, or so, into something with its own life force. A place where I can go for me. If the urge comes I'll blog and if I see something I want to share I will. I hope it stays pretty much the same.

My new schedule doesn't look like much. Each day of the week there's just one "required" post, with the exception of Wednesday, where there's 2- but that's Wordless Wednesday, just photos, easy peasy. I even have 2 days a week where I'm not "required" to blog anything (yet). I may fill in those gaps as time passes.

Here's a Look-

Blog Schedule

~Monday- Look What I Did! (for Shining True, little A's blog, a weekly update of the amazing things that happened with her the week before)

~Tuesday- FREE!

~Wednesday- Wordless Wednesday (for Topic Jar and Shining True)

~Thursday- FREE!

~Friday- this moment (for Topic Jar)

~Saturday- Our Learning Week (for Topic Jar, our homeschool week in review)

~Sunday- Sunday Surf  OR Gratitude Sundays (for here- I think I may try alternating these every other week to give some variety.)

I'm so strange this has got me excited and happy today! Left overs from a good weekend I suppose! And I'll probably be over the moon when I get the rest in order.

I haven't checked my rune for the day.... Teiwaz, drawn in reverse. Teiwaz reversed signifies the need to believe in your full potential in order to succeed. You may be feeling self-pity or laziness. This is not a winning script. Well it seems I may need to watch where my day goes today, and not let ME get ME down. If I keep moving forward, in baby steps, I've got this. I'm only human and will make mistakes, I will not beat myself up over it!

Off to start the rest of our day.

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