Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bucket List

So my friends keep talking about their bucket lists, and I've never ever really thought about what would be on mine. Not that I haven't thought of plenty of things I'd like to do before I die, I've just never put them in a list! Haha I find that quite humorous actually, I make lists for everything, but never those. I know I've written down some dreams- places I want to see, homes I'd like to live in, etc. So I thought to myself "Make one!"

My bucket list:
~ Visit Europe.
     Since I was in Junior High I've always wanted to visit Paris, France. Something has drawn me there. But as I've gotten older there are more places I've added, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland (the last 3 to see where my ancestors came from), and Greece. I don't want to do short trips I need to spend like not only seeing these places but feeling them, absorbing them. There's just so much to them.

~ Own  a motorcycle.
     Not only own but ride.

~ Live next to the ocean and Surf everyday.
     I'm sure this ones not a surprise. Feel the water, the air, the board. The sounds and smells. One with nature.

~ RV around the US with children.
     Go everywhere, see places that are disappearing or being forget. See the tourist places. Learn, live and be on the road.

~ Write/Publish a Travel/Photography book about traveling around the world with children.
    Only photos and brief captions.

~ Grow my hair to my butt.

~ Either shave my head bald, or do dreads- some totally different from me.

~ Go to a Rainbow Family gathering.

~ Own a sheep or Alpaca farm.

~ Learn to read a pattern (sewing or knitting) and make something fabulous!

~ Write a book. (But have no idea about what, except NOT parenting!)

~ Get multiple tattoos.

~ Be vegetarian for awhile.

~ Live on a barge. (Like a home one not a working one.)

That's what I got for now. I know there are none that seem extreme but I don't know if they have to be. I think they are whatever you want them to be.

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