Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Mouse in the House

No, not a real one. For the last few years a friend of mine has posted photos at the holidays of her Elf on the Shelf, hiding for her boys. I have loved how much she and her boys get into this tradition and wanted to do similar with my own kids. I had no idea that this "game" was part of a book that many families play at the holidays. Christopher Popinkins, and his sister Christina, have been "a holiday favorite for generations". (I've seriously never heard of it before!) So I went looking for our own elf. But....

Our Mouse!
I didn't find one. What I found is this cute little mouse. And the wonder and ideas flowed in freely. This little mouse makes this tradition a little more personal. And being we don't actually celebrate Christmas, but rather Yule, I am happy to put our own spin on it.

I thought I'd get creative and write a little story to go along with the game. But I really am not a story writer. At least not for the whole thing. I have the characters and the plot but putting the story together has become more of a challenge than I thought. So on top of starting this new tradition I am enlisting the help of my kids to help write out our story! With there being so few books involving large families (there really aren't many, I checked for a blog you can read here.) the one in the book will be a large family based on ours. I am so excited to involve the kids in this little project of ours.

But back to our Mouse in the House. I'll hide him each night and the kids will find him. (Easy. I hope. I have to stay creative for the next 21 days, till Yule.) And each day I'll post a blog showing his current hiding place. Fair warning though, the photos will all be take with my cell. so the quality will be lower. But hey this is not about the photos but the fun, the game, the making of new traditions, and kids.

When we finish Mouse's story I'll be sure to post it! Happy Holidays everyone!

(Mouse in the House's first hiding place this morning!)

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  1. I love, love, love this. What a wonderful, creative spin you've put on this!!


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