Thursday, January 10, 2013

Relief and Mind Games

We had some relief yesterday. And a look at a twisted mind.

At the suggestion of my mother, dh called the landlady to plead with her to give us more time. To be better prepared. What came from it still blows my mind!

We do have more time, that's most important. As much as we want. At this point.

Or until she plays another game.

Yup that's right. This was all some game of control to her. Admittedly our rent was 2 days late but because of how the 1st fell, the Friday following and the weekend. It just didn't get there on time. And we also didn't think to call her about this. So we did err twice.

But because of that, she thought she should threaten us. And then decide she wouldn't call, when the same day she got confirmation we received her letter she got our rent. She decided to wait us out. Leave us hanging. I say it like that, because we had no indication this was because of late rent. We only knew because we went to her, to plead for our home. She wanted to hear us grovel.

I'm still flabbergasted by just How someone could do this to another. A very petty, vengeful act. But I'm glad I can't understand it, because it means that is not in me. My heart is good. And I can live with that and myself knowing it.

But all this made us see. We know this place is toxic. The people that surround us here. The location. We know to take our leave, soon. We need to step up our speed and move forward, figuratively and literally.  Plans are moving forward and new ones made.

We're grateful for what we have today. It all can be taken in a moment, and on a whim.

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  1. So glad to hear you've got a bit of reprieve. I hope you're able to find just what you need!


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