Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rainy, Wet, Colds & Teeth

The title describes the day.

Rainy. From the sky. With a few claps of thunder.

Wet. The rain and drool.

Colds. In the house. Both the temperature and in little people. I can't keep the fire going today, it just doesn't want to cooperate.

Teeth. Massive amounts coming in lately. A in the last 2 weeks has gotten 5 new teeth, with a 6th trying to make it's way in. And little J still has 2 year molars coming in. S l o w l y. Both babes wear Amber teething necklaces and I really truly do believe in them. C was so badly in pain with his, he seemed to be trying to crawl out of his skin at times. And neither J or A has been close to that level of pain. But they still do miss out on sleep.

We all missed out on plenty last night. So a cold, rainy wet day is a good excuse to stay in jammies and take it easy. J's cold is spreading around too. I dream of Spring.....

I dream of sheep, a little farm, a new interest- hand spinning, knitting, good, but bad for you, food. Rainy day activities. Warmer weather.

This is what days like this are for.

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