Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along: Something For Me

Today I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for the weekly Yarn Along.

This week I've been working on something for myself! I never knit for me so I had to find the perfect thing. And this cowl seemed right. Something to wear outside for quick jaunts, like letting the chickens out in the mornings and the dogs. It's a bigger piece than I thought it would be so I'm taking my time with it, not to rush and make mistakes. In off times I've been knitting coffee cup cozies. (For a future adventure!) These are so simple and I can knit one up in less than an hour. (I still need to finish off the end pieces, but I like to do that all at once. A big finishing sit down!) I want to find some fun colors to make more.

Reading.... well not much lately, for myself that is. LOTS of reading to the children on a daily basis. I ordered 3 new books last Friday and am anxiously awaiting them. You're All My Favorites is a favorite here. I love the simple pictures and the premise of how each bear is loved for their uniqueness.

And yes this week I did learn something new via YouTube. Yarn over. I never knew this mistake I make often is an actual technique! Haha. And now I know and know how to avoid it and fix it!

Please excuse the quality of the photos, taken with my phone- on a cloudy day.

What are you reading? Knitting?


  1. Good for you for knitting for yourself! I love the yarns you're using, looks so cozy :-)

  2. Nothing wrong in making something for all of it!!

  3. I am knitting for myself too, we need to do that sometimes.

  4. Nice projects. Cup cozies are so handy, I just wish I hsd one in my bag when I want it!
    Lovely cowl beginnings there, always nice to know what you thought was an error is an actual technique.
    Enjoy your knitting.


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