Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Essence of Rhythm

There is rhythm in everything. But it doesn't always come naturally to everyone.
Dancers and musicians find rhythm naturally. The beat, the flow, is in them. They hear the music as it is. Washing over, like the waves of the tide, through them, around them. Each beat, each note, like the beating of their heart, the flow of their blood. It is in them. It is them.

The natural rhythm of life, of the home, of the Earth, come to some, like that of music to a musician. They can tell where the next step is without seeing it, without hearing it. Life flows through them in each moment of each day.

But rhythm isn't natural for everyone. Some need to watch for the next step, the next note, the next season. They can falter at a simple missed beat, then have to fight, to find it again. This is me.

I've never found rhythm natural. I have learned to hear it, feel it, know it. But a missed beat and I can loose it. And coming back to it leaves me racing, scrambling. Trying again and again to catch up, to feel that rhythm. Sometimes it's best for me to just sit back, and let the music flowers around me. Hear it, feel it, find it, before I jump back in.

I lost our rhythm. Not that it got thrown off, but somewhere, awhile back, I missed a beat, more like a few. And finding it again, getting back into the groove, has been hard. I've watched, feeling helpless, to chaos creeping in. My children's natural rhythm is still there. Moving, flowing, each day. They are a river current, coursing ever forward, over the bumps, with the slowing pace of a high place, fast where is runs freely. I am not of that current. I am the leaf that floats upon the water, going with the flow but easily caught up on the debris in the wake. I have not been one with them.

But I float freely on the current, following along, till I feel the natural rhythm. The obstacles are less. Are smaller. I feel myself becoming more a part of. I am becoming attuned to my surroundings.

I am finding the rhythm again. The dance is on. I move to meet my partners, as they move quickly from the first step to the next. And then slow for the next act. The rhythm is around me, the music flows, I being to hear the beat and feel it. But I must remember not to rush. Rush and I'll trip and stumble, only to loose it again.

The rhythm of the days can seem like just noise if I don't take my time to listen and hear the song.

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