Monday, March 4, 2013

Last Week In Pictures

Last week, much like the last few before, has been so busy. Busy can be good. But it tends to bring me away from blogging and then I feel guilty. But tonight I made it onto the computer and here is last week in pictures.

Earlier in the week we braved the rain and took a walk. The purple clover was in bloom and so pretty to see the color! A lone, lost lion found after months in the woods. He didn't have a fighting chance against the wild beasts of our woods (ie. squirrels. Yes I said squirrels are wild beasts- I hate them. But that's a story for another time.) and lost 3 paws to them. He was promptly lost again. Haha.

The Creek was high from the rains in the previous days. And there are buds on our Peach tree. I hope we see some this year. We learned a trick we're planning on trying, to keep the birds from eating the baby peaches- tie shining objects to the branches of the trees to deter them. It was a muddy walk. But good to get out.

In the late Winter and early Spring the fields fill with black birds. This is just a small bunch in the field on Wednesday.

My kitchen helper and I made homemade gluten free mac and cheese on Friday. Little A loved it!

And on Thursday it started to "snow" (not what one from Minnesnowta calls snow but white stuff falling from the sky non-the-less.), it "snowed" for the next 24 hours but nothing stuck. I really wanted warmer temps.

And our little white sparrow. and friends, is getting bolder. Making it to our porch steps. Always a happy, joyful sight. And I was so glad to get much closer photos of him/her.

The weekend was spent finishing rearranging the house and stuff. We still have bedrooms to switch out, but it's coming along and I'm feeling so much relief from it! Our rhythm is still off, or maybe it's just me, but that's for another blog.

Hope you all have a great week!

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