Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What to Where

I'm miss blogging. And in the past week I've had plenty of time to write. But I'm feeling a bit stuck on what topics I want to write about. Our everyday life is pretty much the same, day in and out. So recapping what we did each day, would not only bore the crap out of you, but would make writing really not fun for me very quickly. Haha

So I'm feeling a bit uninspired. I need a direction. And when I feel that way, I start wondering if the life of this blog is about run it's course. Not that I wouldn't blog anymore, but like maybe it's time to start all over. Write a blog with an actual direction, and not just rambling thoughts I pull from the air. This blog has it's own life, own feeling, one I made, one I put out There. I've always been real and open and honest, but by putting it all out there, I have made it very general and hard to keep readers.

My thought is I am trying a new path, for myself, maybe I need to shed this old place. A new start for me, in many different ways.

But I want your thoughts, your opinions. Because I value it. So please share with me. Should I continue what I do here? Is it worth continuing? Or start anew?

Oh goodness. I just don't know.

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