Thursday, June 13, 2013


Our garden is growing, sort of. We think because of the clay soil the plants get stunted. They never grow tall, the bush out and yield a small harvest. We'd have to plant a ton plants to be able to put up enough to supplement through the year. What we hope to get is enough to can/freeze a bit, and eat well in the mean time.

We planted in the beds from last year. Along with creating a new vegetable area where the chicken coop sat throughout the winter. Hoping the chicken "soil" would be better for growth, than the plain clay. Planted there are two tomato plants, peas, bush beans, a pepper plant and an okra plant. These are definitely tall than last years plants, but not as large as they should be. Some are already flowering.

We also used some containers for planting. Most notable, old tires. In those we planted yellow squash, zucchini, watermelon, and cantaloupes. These are doing amazing! We already have one squash growing.

In typical planters, we have a tomato plant and more peppers. These are planted in bought manure and black dirt. But are growing slowly.

The husband talks of starting a nursery, since we do well at starting plants, but have troubles with them after we get them in the ground. Sounds like a worthy plan.

The best growing, my wildflower garden! So full of color.


  1. first off... your wild flower garden is AMAZING! i love it. and i love how your garden is all over the place,everywhere you look you have some food growing. fab!

  2. How beautiful are those wildflowers! At least you have SOME food growing (that was my aim for this year). I enjoyed these photos :) xx


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