Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yarn Along- A Sweater!

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.

The husband picked up this yarn for me this weekend. I'm craving something to knit, and having a new skein is just what I need. It's not wool (which I like most), but it's not acrylic (which I really don't like working with). It's small so I either needed to knit small, or pick up more. And being inexpensive, I've decided to go big and pick up more.

So I choose this pattern from Raverly. I've cast on my first sweater! Of course for little A (I figure a smaller sweater for my first is best). Being it's 100% cotton, it'll be nice for cooler, but not cold, weather, like fall or cool summer nights. And the color is lovely, as the name says.

It's nice to have something on my needles again. I just cast on yesterday, but am already halfway done with the back panel. I'll have to slow down a bit, so I can pick up the rest of the yarn I need this weekend. If I can do this I have a few more in my Raverly library, and I'll move up a size and knit up something for J and C. Maybe matching, as they tend to fight over certain sweaters.

As for reading, still taking my time working through the current issue of Taproot. But to be honest, I'm not enjoying it as much as previous issues. The articles are lacking the brilliance of others. Still a nice issue, just not as engaging. I find myself returning to the last issue, Dream, for inspiration.

How about you? Knitting? Reading?


  1. Such happy, bright cotton stripes you're knitting! Enjoy, ~Lisa

  2. The stripes are lovely, hope you get more yarn soon!

  3. The colours are gorgeous. Perfect for a little sweater.
    Always good to start small.

  4. Love the colours hope you can buy lots more x

  5. Such beautiful colours! I love the way it knits in to stripes. If my other half ever picked up some yarn for me, I'd know that somehow I'd ended up in another dimension - he's of the opinion that I have to many craft supplies. I disagree :)

    I hope the sweater turns out beautifully xx


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