Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inspired! ~ Coconut Wonder Bars

Last night Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots posted their new recipe for Coconut Wonder Bars. I read her post this morning and was Inspired! to try them myself.

I did a bit of a variation, because we don't have dried fruits in the house. Or shredded coconut. Or nuts of any sort. So I found what I had on hand.

Very ripe strawberries and peaches.

I made up 6 for the kids and I. And let them set. In hindsight they could've set a bit longer, as the first batch didn't pop out pretty like hers. But they were still so tasty and light.

I did make up another batch. This one with just peaches, and let them set about 5 hours.

The verdict from my family. O and J didn't like them much at first, but both threw a fit when someone else tried to take it from them. O even asked if he could have one from the second batch when he saw them. (I'm saving them for dessert tonight.) C and A loved them and gobbled them right up, asking for more. I and P approved, and added suggestions too. P and dh did say it was a bit weird to eat straight oil. It's ingrained in their brains oil=bad or just to cook with. So all in all we'll try them again, and mix it up with the ingredients. Dh thinks they do need a bit of filler, such as the nuts, Taryn suggested, or some oats.

I love being Inspired! to try things. It keeps life new and interesting. 

(I love how the plate looks like its smiling!)

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  1. Awesome!! :)
    Peaches sound so yummy in there! Yes, I agree they are best with lots of stuff inside, so there's not too much coconut oil. :)


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