Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yarn Along ~ Knot Knitting

Alright maybe I should say Not knitting. Because I'm not. I wish o
I was. Am inspired to be, by all the knitting going on over at Ginny's Yarn Along. Such wonderful patterns, colors and yarns by everyone over there. I go to my stash to find something, and am met with disappointment. It's an old stash. And I've tried working with everything I have, most of which has been passed along to me (obviously it inspire the previous owner either), and my inspiration evaporates instantly. So until I can get some new, better quality, inspiring yarn, I'm not knitting.

But I'm still keeping busy. The new inspiration is sewing! In the last few days I've made 3 new dresses for A, and a pair of pants for her. (I used the same fabric for a dress and her, i love the pattern so much.) For each of the boys animals I made some pants also. I also, finally, finished the pillow I had intended to give C for his birthday, back in April, made from vintage print bandanas.  These all have whipped up so quickly!

As for reading, the newest issue of Taproot arrived last week and I'm slowly (taking my time) making my way through it.

What are you knitting, crafting, reading?

(For some reason I'm unable to upload the photos of the pants. So sad, as they are so cute!)


  1. Your little dresses are sweet.
    Because of downsizing, beyond my control, the yarn stash was purged - it felt good to let others have what I knew I would not use. So if you need to - pitch it!

  2. Sometimes you just can't force the knitting. Seems like you're keeping busy with those lovely dresses though.


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