Monday, June 3, 2013

When the Rain Falls

Water. Nothing can survive without it. It's a life force of the Earth. And a cleanser, washing us clean, and renewing even our souls.

There's nothing like the smell that fills the air after the rain. Soil. Grass. Growth. Life.

We are surrounded by water here.


Creeks. Permanent and temporary.

Streams that make their way through the fields, grass, and dirt.

A natural spring well rests under our house.

And when it rains, my children's favorite place to be, just as soon as it clears, in the puddles left behind. The streams that ripple along the drive. Finding their way down to the creek that fills and rushes.

The clay soil becomes a medium for creative hearts and minds. Story book characters, Easter Island heads, skulls, snakes. A mind's eye taken form. Water opens paths, allowing for expression that is often capped.

A dancer naked in a muddy field. Just to watch the unbound freedom, brings joy, and a longing to join. The giggles of being 2 and so so free, those are what we all wish for.

What will the next rain bring? Surely another trip down the drive, to splash in mud puddles. Giggles. And muddy bodies to be sprayed down with the garden hose.

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