Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have grown to call this house on the hill home. Found a fondness to it. And over the last few weeks, come to find that I know I'll miss it. We've made memories here. We've made this land, this house, home.

Much like a favorite sweater, or pair of tennis shoes, it has grown on me. Become comfortable. Part of us. Part of our story.

We've loved here. And fought here.

We've birthed here. And lost here.

We've laughed here. And cried here.

We've found joy here. And found strength.

We've changed here. And become whole here.

We've struggled here. And triumphed here.

We now move on. Another step forward, a step closer to where we're going. In a few days time we will start new. A new home. New memories. New struggles. New joy. New lives.

Changes are coming all around.

I've decided with a new chapter, will come a new blog. This one will be left open. But I'll start only writing there. A fresh start. Simpler. A joint project with my husband. How it will look, much like life's path, will reveal itself as it comes.

I will miss this home. Both physical and virtual. And I am grateful for all that have touched me, inspired me and encouraged me.

Without what I've found, and learned, here, life would be so very different. Peace. Joy. Strength. Hope. Gratitude. And patience. With the memories, I'll take these lessons with me. 

Thank you for reading.

(I'll post a link to the new blog, once it's up and running.)


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