Sunday, July 29, 2012

Preparing for Battle, ummm I Mean School

School starts in a little over 3 weeks. It seems too soon. We're used to having August off, the whole month. But at the same time, I'm ready for the break. But we're Not ready!

First there's the issue of supplies. Looking at their lists, I estimate they'll cost us at least $100, and that's just for 3 kids and not including new backpacks they all really need.

The 5th graders supply list looks remarkably like what my high schoolers needed in Mn. But more specific- like a 3 ring cloth binder that ZIPS. And a flash drive.

The 8th grader 4 3-ring binders, a jump drive, composition notebooks for every class, graph paper, and 2 packs of loose leaf paper (to give to the teachers to "distribute through out the year"- really? 8th graders can't keep track of their Own paper, esp in those 3-ring binders they require!?).

The 2nd grader's is more standard stuff.

We need a special budget just for school. 2 years from now we'll have 5 in school, and that number will stay 5 for 5 years. I'm not organized enough to buy ahead, and when I do it gets used up at home first.

Simply this is just the first way i'm not ready. The second- a new teacher for O, and preparing to "teach" her about him and Aspergers. 

I've still got homework of my own to do. Books to finish reading, introduction letters to write, and helpful information to put together. This teacher has been teaching in this same school for 30 years. I am not feeling optimistic about her experience with Autism/Aspergers or she ability to be able to work with his unique personality. We've already experienced how ignorant (not in a put down way but by definition) the school personnel are. There is one teacher we know with the experience that could be an asset. My hope is to use her abilities to get through to them, since she's one of them.

This year could be short, depending on how badly things go. Or depending on our family life (serious talk of moving from here as soon as possible). But really I do hope for the best. For less battles with them. And for more understanding.

But I am trying to be as prepared as possible. Battle armor and all, if nessicary.

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