Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dude Thats Offensive! ("too many babies")

The other day my eldest daughter posted a fb status along the lines of "just like my grandma and mom, my floors are clean enough to eat off!" She just got her first place and is proud of herself, which she should be. But a "friend" of hers commented "as long as its not in the "too many babies" department." Way to insult her family there man! And show how good a friend you are!

Now this post may be a bit ranty, bitchy and cynical from now on, just so you know.

People are idiots. "Think before you speak" is obiviously something not taught by many parents anymore, nor is respect for different life choices. 

Some may not say these things directly to mothers with many children (thinking it would be rude), and some do, but saying it to children that come from large families is worse. Not only are they insulting their family but they're questioning  the value of their life and those of their siblings. Children of large families are often judged for their parents' choices and made to defend them.

Each and every child is valuable. No one knows what a child (whether a singleton or from a large family) will do in life. Every.single.child. should be valued. And devaluing a life just because a life style choice is not one you'd make is wrong.

Which of my children should I not have had? Each of them is an individual, no two are alike. What he did is make her choose, in her head, which brother or sister she could live without, or sacrifice her own existence. I know this because these kind of comments make me think those thoughts, and I'm an adult. To a young person,  you're telling them their parents, their family deserve less respect than others and their morals are wrong.

Just because your ignorant doesn't give you the right to be insulting.

Please be careful how you speak to children about their families, they are sensitive and impressionable creatures. You don't know the how your comments will be taken.

To parents of large families- how do you prepare your children for this type of comment? 

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