Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome Autumn

Its a ways from fall yet, but there's a hint of it in the air. The mornings are cooler and the days shorter. The corn stalks in the fields  are drying. The dogs are spending more time outside, way from the a/c. Their coats are thickening. Summer flowers are gone, and what little we have left (mostly dead from drought) in our gardens are bearing fruit. Green peppers, egg plants, and chili peppers. Maybe carrots and onions, those have yet to be checked.

School has started. Clouds cover the sun. A single tree, just past the fields, has turned red. The first. Pants and sweaters first thing in the morning, give way still to tank tops and shorts by noon. Golashes and sweat shirts fill store shelves.

Thoughts of bread baking, cookie making, and fresh homemade soups invade in head. Creamy asparagus, baked potato, beef stew.

The chainsaws needs to be brought in, repaired and readied for fall. Firewood needs to be cut and stacked, ready for really cool nights to come. Chickens get more corn added to their diet, to fatten them up, prepare them for the cold days and nights of winter.

Fall is coming. A new season. The season of harvest, of settling down and in. My season, born just in time in enjoy the fruits, the colors, the cooling winds, the crisping air, the first frost. In time for cute sweaters and jeans, and boots. In time to give thanks to Gaia and her bounty.

Welcome Autumn.

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