Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feeling Lemony

So today was one of Those days with the boys. O refused to do math (for the second day in a row), C was being 3 (sassy) and J has just figured out how to climb in and out of pack and plays (without pushing something over to it first). I swear they were conspiring against me. And poor little A isn't safe anywhere anymore, except in my arms, and of course I couldn't get a thing done until DH woke up.

But I should of seen it coming. Haha. My daily meditations this morning were both on feelings and life giving you lemons. I know not everyday will be a good day. And days like this will happen often. But today was a bit different.

Instead of drifting into feelings of despair, loneliness and getting overwhelmed, I choose to ride it out. Hoping that after naps things would come around. Which by the way they didn't but its ok DH got up with us. And I was able to let go and get started on what I needed to do. Today was a day meant to not to anything, and wait for the break in the waves. I may be washing diapers now at 9pm but at least they're getting washed today like planned.

"Today I'll be faced with some lemons. Can I make lemonade?"

"We didn't necessarily get the results we wanted, but somehow we always seemed to get what we needed."

(And look what my DH shared on his way to work!)

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