Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Do All My Best Blogging at Night

Like the title says I do all my best blogging at night.... in my bed while I'm trying to fall asleep. I wish I could get up and write it all done on paper or better yet HERE. But I am much too responsible for that. I know if I stay up late (late for me is 11pm) I'll pay for the next morning. That Murphy's Law would kick in and J would be up at 4am followed by everyone else within 15 minutes.

So I lay there and "write" in my head. Hoping maybe the next day I'll catch a moment (or 60) to get down here. Then I miss those moments and by the time the house is quiet and I'm able to sit still a moment I've lost it all. And I sit staring at the blank screen trying to find a place to start.

Which is where I am at now... sitting trying to remember and type as quickly as I can. This is also why I do mostly opinion pieces- I just would NEVER have the time to do research or collect other articles to link back to. Short stories might work but only if there's an audience for stories about motherhood. And not the sexy kind with pool boys and gym trainers! Haha.

Anyways short, sweet and to the point tonight. If anyone has the secret to gaining more time in the day without sacrificing sleep or sanity, let me in on it! Please......

Oh I forgot to mention- our computer crashed about a week ago and we lost all our photos I downloaded from (my phone) over the last year. 2! days after I deleted them from my phone! Totally sucks a$$. (Sorry I'm still hurting over this one.) But I am lucky A's birth pics were taken with P's camera and those were not lost. And being a prolific FB photo sharer I have uploaded many, many, many of them there. Just stinks is all!

Here's a little prayer for you all. Good night. 

A Pagan Bedtime Prayer

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