Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mabon, Fall, and Birthdays

My Mabon  by whispurr

The golden leaves that swirl around
The magic rustles with the sound
Tis harvest time the cold wind blows
Maiden not sure but mother knows
The seasons change and time blows past
We grab and growl for what will last
What's left behind and what transcends
What path awaits where this one ends?
The crone she flies deep in the night
In search of warmth and winter light
For coldness comes at harvest end
The fire's warmth our trusted friend
The time has come for autumn feast
To feed our souls to say the least
To rise above and brave the cold
To raise the young and praise the old
To greet the god and goddess fair
To enlighten us, be aware
Of all things good and all things great
From this day forth we meditate
We search our soul and search our mind
The many wonders that we shall find
Life becomes a circle complete
So mote it be merry we meet!

Fall is here! I wanted to do something to mark Mabon with the kids. Mabon being a harvest festival, I thought it fitting to go "harvest" what was left of the farmer's corn (the stuff the combine couldn't get to, the stuff he just leaves to rot or be eaten by animals). Small patches along side the fields, or under the trees that feel during storms this summer but kept growing. We gathered 3 backpacks full of corn just out of the smallest field. Then we all can back and hand removed it from the ear. We'll feed the kernels to our chickens, burn the cobs in the fire and use the husks as liter in the chicken coop.

 I made our harvest dinner of Apple-Cinnamon Chicken Tenderloins with stuffing and carrots and broccoli. It was just me, B, A and the boys.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I couldn't pin-point exactly what IT was. But I knew I needed to get outside and into Gaia's arms. I achieved some clarity to my moodiness. My birthday is in 2 days. I don't much care for My birthday. I know a lot of it has to do with me and my expectations. I wish it could pass by without me knowing it. I shouldn't let it disappoint me, but it just always seems to.

I read this really cool blog post- Wooly Moss Roots. Taryn celebrated her birthday a day ago and made a list of things about herself as long as she was old (27). I really like the idea, and am going to try and do the same on mine. It'll give me a positive thing to look back on each year, a look at growth and change.

I love this season. Fall. Most of the birthdays we celebrate fall in the fall- mine, B, T, P and O (thou theirs is late in the season). Our sabbath Sahmain (Halloween). The air, the changing leaves, the feeling of readiness- to hunker in of the winter.

Blessed Mabon everyone.

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