Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2012, Plus a Few Noteable Ones

These are the top ten blog posts from my blog this year. In order of hits.

1- My Husband's a Chicken Catcher (555)

2- Mabon, Fall, and Birthdays  (52)

3- Not Mom Enough (51)

4- Gratitude Sunday 11/11/12 (35)

5- Cute Food (32)

6- What's Wrong With Kids These Days (30)

7- Getting Ready For Samhain (28)

8- Where Are We At? (28)

9- Dude That's Offensive! (26)

10- All Dressed Up (26)

And these are a few I'd like to share again.

- Simple

-My Aspie Blog

-Tolerant or Openminded

This last one is another one with a many hits but is posted on a blog I started with the intention of making it a new home for family posts, that did not go as planned. Soon I will be moving those few posts I did over there back "home" here.

-A's Home Birth Story (116)

Sometimes it amazes me that my post on my husband's chicken catching stint got, and still gets, so many views. It's not my all time biggest hitter, that would be O's Bilateral Strabismus Repair Surgery, with Walking My Home Birth Path a close second.

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